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Some More Fleischer Superman…

November 19, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

We once again journey to the wild and wondrous realm of public domain animation, via another incredibly good Fleischer short. I’d put this one up there with the best of STAS – it’s really good.

Watch after the jump, assuming you’ve got seven and a half minutes to spare.

I present to you “The Magnetic Telescope”….

Okay, putting aside for a second that the science in this thing isn’t exactly true – I love the fact that the scientist just uses what looks like a giant bar magnet strapped to the top of his observatory – this one’s a treat and, as noted, would fit right in with the best stuff the DCAU did. While I praised the previous Supergirl episode for its economy of storytelling, this is even better, putting together a couple of lengthy scenes in addition to nice bookend sequences. It’s funny – after seeing the conclusion of Little Girl Lost, it genuinely surprised me to see Superman as being so ineffective at stopping the comet via brute force, and having to resort to the type of thing the Chris Reeve version specalised in with the wires.

And that closing gag with Lois and Clark really is great. I’m frankly stunned that neither STAS or Lois and Clark ever swiped that one.

Next Time; I want to push Savage Time back, so I picked a Batman Beyond episode at random… well, not so much random as one that will allow me to point out the contents of Bruce Wayne’s trophy room.

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