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Batman: The Animated Series, Epsiode 081: “Harley’s Holiday”

December 2, 2010 5 comments

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Written by: Paul Dini
Directed by: Kevin Altieri
Originally Aired: October 15, 1994
DVD: Batman TAS, Volume 3

Summary: Finally declared sane and released from Arkham, Harleen Quinziel tries to put her criminal past behind her, and is actually successful… for ten minutes. Read more…

Justice League 2×19-20: “The Secret Society”

November 29, 2010 7 comments

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Written by Stan Berkowitz
Directed by Dan Riba
Originally Aired: November 22, 2003
DVD: Justice League, Season Two

Summary: Gorilla Grodd assembles a team of his own to battle the Justice League, who seem to be falling apart at the seams.

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Batman: The Animated Series, Episode 94 – “Growing Pains”

May 19, 2010 1 comment

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Written by: Robert Goodman
Story by: Paul Dini & Robert Goodman
Directed by: Atsuko Tanaka
Originally Aired: February 28, 1998
DVD: Batman: TAS, Volume 4

Summary: Robin becomes involved with a young girl, only to find that her father is hiding a dark secret.

Arc Notes: Clayface is captured by the authorities at the end of this episode; he eventually finds his way to crime boss Morgan Edge’s private collection at some point between this episode and Justice League.

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Static Shock 036: “Toys in the Hood”

May 3, 2010 1 comment

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Story by John Semper Jr., Ernie Altbacker
Teleplay by John Ridley
Directed by: Another weird uncredited director
Originally Aired: May 3rd, 2003
DVD: (grumbling)

Summary: Toyman arrives in Dakota on the trail of an old friend, but it turns out that they’re conspiring to threaten Static’s girlfriend.

Arc Notes: Static’s first meeting with Superman. Some loose ends are tied up from Toyman’s second S:TAS appearance, “Obsession.” Read more…

Categories: D, Static Shock

Justice League 2×17-18: “Hereafter”

May 2, 2010 4 comments

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Written by Dwayne McDuffie
Directed by Butch Lukic
Originally Aired: November 29, 2003
DVD: Justice League, the Complete Series

Summary: Superman is apparently killed, and while the League mourns his loss he has to team up with Vandal Savage to fight killer cockroaches.

Arc Notes: Aquaman is established as the unofficial “eighth member” of the team (explaining his presence at some sessions of the “inner council” of JLU); Vandal Savage’s final appearance; Batman is confirmed to only have part-time membership status. Read more…

Categories: B-plus, Justice League

Batman: The Animated Series, Episode 51 – “The Man Who Killed Batman”

April 10, 2010 5 comments

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Written By: Paul Dini
Directed By: Bruce Timm
Originally Aired: February 1, 1993
DVD: Batman: TAS, Volume Two

Summary: A small-time criminal finds himself the most wanted man in town after word gets out that he’s the mastermind behind the death of Batman (R.I.P.).

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Superman: The Animated Series, Episode 36 – “The Late Mr. Kent”

April 8, 2010 4 comments

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Written by Stan Berkowitz
Directed by Kenji Hachizaki
Originally Aired: November 1st, 1997
DVD: Superman TAS, Volume Two

Site Notes: As usual, don’t forget to use Twitter to be informed of updates. And a belated RIP to Dick Giordano, one of the men most responsible for shaping the DC Universe as we know it and a damned fine inker in his own right. Thank you, sir, and good afternoon.

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Summary: Clark Kent is killed while attempting to clear an accused murderer’s name. This is a problem for Superman. Read more…