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Justice League 2×14-15: “The Terror Beyond”

April 4, 2010 1 comment

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Written by Dwayne McDuffie
Directed by Butch Lukic
Originally Aired: November 15th 2003
DVD: Justice League The Complete Series

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Summary: The Justice League intervenes when Aquaman and Doctor Fate attempt to exploit Solomon Grundy for a dangerous ritual… but their intervention may place the world in danger in a situation that quickly becomes personal for Hawkgirl.

Arc Notes: Hawkgirl’s real name is confirmed. Solomon Grundy’s first death. Beginning of the Aquaman / Doctor Fate association.

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Superman: The Animated Series, Episode 53: “Unity”

March 14, 2010 2 comments

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Written by: Paul Dini and Rich Fogel
Directed by: Shin-Ichi Tsuji
Originally Aired: May 15, 1999
DVD: Superman: TAS, Volume 3

Summary: After a trip to Metropolis, Supergirl returns home to find that Smallville’s come under the spell of a mysterious preacher with a dark secret.

Arc Notes: The Kents apparently know that Babs is Batgirl. Read more…

“Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths”

March 8, 2010 12 comments

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Written by: Dwayne McDuffie
Directed by: Lauren Montgomery & Sam Liu
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Summary: The Justice League meets up with a Lex Luthor from an alternate reality, who has journeyed to their world to convince them to help him overthrow their counterparts’ fascistic rule.

Foreword: Okay, just like the “Comfort and Joy” review, this is going to be written in a style that will eventually slot in with the other episodes (and edited accordingly when I “catch up”). So if by any chance you don’t want to be blatantly clubbed over the head with spoilers about the remainder of the second season of Justice League, don’t make the jump.

Oh, and you may want to clear out some time – I’ve written journal articles shorter than this one.

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Superman: The Animated Series, Episode 32 – “The Hand of Fate”

March 4, 2010 Leave a comment

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Written by: Hilary J. Bader and Stan Berkowitz
Directed by: Dan Riba
Originally Aired: October 6, 1997
DVD: Superman: The Animated Series, Volume Two

Summary: An unholy demon lord is loosed in Metropolis, and in order to save the staff of the Daily Planet Superman must seek the aid of a combat-weary Doctor Fate.

Arc Notes: Doctor Fate’s mythos gets established before his return on Justice League; Superman’s vulnerability to magic is detailed for the first time in animated form. Read more…

Justice League 2×13-14: “Eclipsed”

February 22, 2010 Leave a comment

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Written by Joseph Kuhr
Directed by Dan Riba
Originally Aired: November 8th 2003
DVD: Justice League, The Complete Series

Summary: A special forces team tracking down a criminal in the Middle East brings back something other than Gulf War Syndrome – a diamond that possesses all who come in contact with it. Meanwhile, Flash’s attempt at a commercial career doesn’t go well.

Arc Notes: Flash’s energy bars and “standees” show up in the weirdest places over the remainder of the series. Read more…

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Superman: The Animated Series, Episode 21 – “Mxyzpixilated”

February 8, 2010 1 comment

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Written by Paul Dini
Directed by Dan Riba
Originally Aired: September 20, 1997
DVD: Superman TAS: Volume 2

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Summary: An all-powerful being from the fifth dimension takes an interest in annoying Superman. Hilarity ensues. Read more…

Batman Beyond, Episode 34: “The Eggbaby”

February 3, 2010 Leave a comment

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Story by Hilary J. Bader, Alan Burnett
Teleplay by Hilary J. Bader
Directed by James Tucker
Originally Aired: April 1, 2000. Indeed.
DVD: Batman Beyond, Volume 2

Summary: Desperate to make up his grades, Terry gets stuck babysitting a virtual egg baby for Family Studies class… which throws a wrench into the works on his night job.

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